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Mississauga Latin Festival 2023

Each year, the Mississauga Latin Festival opens its doors to Latin American artists, painters, and photographers who have the opportunity to exhibit their work, thus embellishing the festival with a colorful and high artistic demonstration. The Art Gallery of the Mississauga Latin Festival is coordinated by the Colombian Cultural House - Casa Cultural Colombiana.

La Maga de Latinoamerica - Art Exhibition LOGO

The Colombian Cultural House / Casa Cultural Colombiana has been bitten by the Latin art bug. As you may be aware, this has been developing in Mississauga, Toronto, and its surroundings, so once again we join the Mississauga Latin Festival by coordinating with the art gallery.

This exhibit is made up of a mixture of cultures, techniques, and colors. This space was created for art professionals as well as those who are beginning their artistic journey. By opening this virtual exhibit, it is providing an opportunity for people around the world to join the community from the comfort of their homes. This exhibit is showcasing the most precise expressions of the current era, under the professional stroke of sixteen talented artists.

The artists will captivate you with Modernism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Abstract, and Contemporary art, as well as photography and sculpture which will form a bond that will surely leave you wanting more.

La Magia de Latinoamerica, as this art exhibition is called, is a real invitation for those who are passionate about art, or for whoever wants to learn more about the Latin flavor up close.

It is an honor to be part of the Canadian community and join all the diverse cultural roots that have grown in Ontario, as well as all of the provinces and territories in Canada, and that's why we want you to know more about Latin Americans and what we can offer.

The Colombian Cultural House / Casa Cultural Colombiana proudly presents these talented artists who have discovered an irreplaceable style of communication about everything that happens in the world around them and invites the community at large to support them in their growth, and striking development in their wonderful works of art.

Claudia Montoya
President – Casa Cultural Colombiana



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My work is a game of art within art, artistic appropriation. I strive to create that imprecise sensation of “what has already been seen”, appealing to the cultural memory of each viewer. » Jorge Luis Ballart is an artist based in Canada whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Cuba, Spain, and the United States. He describes his works as being based on meticulous iconographic compilations of everyday objects, referring to reality through a personal vision. Ballart's figurative and symbolic compositions seek to establish a dialogue and appeal to the cultural memory of each viewer.

Lidya Panart


Lydia Panart graduated in Architecture from the National University of Buenos Aires. Following architectural practice, Lydia developed her professional artistic career under the mentorship of renowned Argentinean master Kenneth Kemble. “Art allows me to express myself at a deeper level. Finding inspiration from human experiences, I like to create an intimate space of reflection on themes that touch us all – that’s how my series develop. Each series is unique and carries a specific meaning conveying either a message, a question, a thought, a memory, or a feeling. The composition, color palette, and techniques are carefully selected in my work. I enjoy exploring the relationship of elements in opposition (warm/cool, light/dark, textured/plain, geometrical/organic, static/dynamic) – they are essential in representing all the many layers expressing traces, changes, and all sorts of complexities inherent in life. As an artist, my intention has always been to engage the viewer in a visual dialogue with me, looking for that authentic connection, for a richer experience beyond our realities and perceptions.

Angel Torres

ANGEL TORRES - Photographer

Angel Torres is a highly accomplished photographer whose remarkable body of work graces diverse domains encompassing Toronto's corporate sector, arts scene, festivals, galleries, LGBTQ community, and media landscape.
Hailing from a Colombian-Canadian background, Angel embodies the spirit of an ambitious entrepreneur and dedicated artist, exhibiting an unwavering work ethic. With an ardent commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Angel fearlessly surpasses personal creative comfort zones, seamlessly meeting the distinctive creative requirements of an eclectic clientele through his highly regarded photography and design enterprise:

Carla Gonzalez


Carla Gonzalez-Casanova was born in Venezuela but left her roots at a very early age to travel with her family across the globe. Music and arts have always been an integral part of her life, from an early age she decided to study singing in different genres from ballads to rock and chanting. A multi-talented artist, Carla was born with a beautiful voice and a love for writing, creating art, and acting. This inspired her to make art in general her life’s greatest journeys. She is constantly performing all across the GTA. Carla also uses her art as a means of keeping Latin Roots alive and helping as an active member of the community through running workshops in Spanish for both singing and art at Mimos Kids Arts Centre, located in Mississauga.

Susy Danelon


Born in Mexico City, Susy Danelon studied Graphic Design. She has made Toronto her home since 1988. Here she has been involved in the art world since 1992. She has been an active member of an art group since 2003 and has participated in teaching workshops. She exhibits her paintings frequently in Ontario. Since a very young age, I had a love for color and a strong desire to create. I have a passion for nature, landscapes are a great inspiration for my abstract paintings. As an artist, I reflect my subconscious in my work. I like exploring my inner self and manifesting it on a canvas giving the viewer a chance to use their imagination to take them to a colorful and magical place.

Emmanuel Rodriguez


From a very young age, his parents discovered the talent he had as he painted o the walls of his home, resulting in an incredible and natural piece of art that he started creating using basic materials. He is an empirical artist, he has never received drawing, painting, or art classes but the quality of his works is unquestionable. Emmanuel’s art has very unique characteristics including colors, explosive designs, and vibrant images. His art is regularly contemporary but also has a touch of reality and pop culture. Drawing has been part of his day-to-day and every time he paints, he channels his attention and energy to project positivity. Destiny is written, just need to read it. This is one of Emmanuel’s favorite phases and from now on, he is tracing a promising path full of dreams and goals.

Flor de Maria Mejia


Flor de Maria was born in Lima, Peru. Her love for painting started at an early age, never happier than when she was drawing and expressing her feelings doing so. Her school notebooks were an expression of that love, which was never appreciated by her parents or teachers because she kept drawing during class time. This passion continued during her years at university, she graduated as an Engineer. She started painting with watercolor, acrylic, and oil. She took various art courses to improve her techniques. She loves what she does now even more because she can express herself with what she learned and she is now able to translate her love for Latino America and Canada onto the canvas.

Domingo Amaral


Domingo Almaral was born in Cumana Sucre state on June 3, 1950, in Venezuela, by profession Technical Draftsman working in areas such as Architectural, structural, oil, creative & paint drawing. He studied at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in Cumaná, Edo Sucre in the years (1961-1965) his art and creativity are of an abstract trend inspired by Miro, Picasso & Salvador Dali. Domingo shows us an avant-garde abstract concept, projecting himself into a field of imaginary forms inspired by everyday experiences of futuristic perception, with an attractive colorful what Almaral called "PSYCHROMATIC. “My tendency is towards the abstract. In my works, I am always sending interpretative messages to the viewer.”

Luciana Diaz


My name is María Luciana Díaz Zúñiga. I am 20 years old and I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. I have always had a great passion for painting and drawing since I was little. I have always been inspired by people and places because of the different countries I have lived in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Curaçao, and now Canada. I studied a year of art foundations at Sheridan College, the world's top 10 animation college, and soon I am going to study Experimental Animation at OCAD University, the largest and best-known university of arts in Canada, to express my art differently.

Miriam Roquett


Miriam Roquett was born in Venezuela on October 29, 1956. She is a Geophysical Engineer who graduated from the UCV of Caracas. In 2017 she began taking short painting workshops as a way of relating, discovering her passion for art and colors. She has since dedicated herself to creating works in the abstract and impressionist style, finding her inspiration in the magic of life.

Luz Helena Fernandez


I am Luz Elena Fernández Martín and I am a Mexican Visual Artist. I studied Interior Design, Universal Art History, and Art at the Instituto Pedagógico Anglo Español in Mexico City. My story in Canada began in the year 2000 when I moved to Toronto from Mexico City with my family. At first, it was very difficult to raise a family while providing for them and learning a new language so I was fully dedicated to raising my children. Through the years I have tried to balance all my interests to achieve my dream. Now that my children have grown up, I have returned to painting and it’s been a beautiful journey of creating art again. Throughout the last few years, I have been fortunate to learn under many amazing master teachers such as Paul Richard James, Alejandro Rosenberg, and the great watercolorist Patricia Guzmán among others. Through my art, I express my ideas, dreams, concerns, and emotions. I greatly enjoy being on this beautiful path of art and putting my ideas on paper or canvas.

Silvia Damar


Silvia Damar Radvansky was born in the city of Popayan, Colombia. She was educated at the University of Cauca and obtained a Master´s degree in Plastic Arts. Since 1987, she lived in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She has participated in individual and collective exhibitions. Her technical styles include Acrylic, Oils, watercolor, mixed media, and wood prints. She belongs to the following groups: Clarkson Society of Artists. Visual Art Mississauga. Alce Art and Health. Hispanic Canadian Art.

John Sebastian


An industrial designer specializing in product development, with interdisciplinary training, technology, and management software ( AutoCAD 2D-3D, Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel ) which integrate my ingenuity and creativity. The ease of adaptation to teamwork, initiative, and contribution to solutions, makes me very competitive, resistant to change, and a high degree of individual responsibility, and commitment.

Matias Larzabal


“Art is a vehicle for storytelling. With my hands, I use it to convey the symbolism rooted in my Latin American upbringing and experience. A symbolism that is rich and shapes my unique worldview” Matías Larzábal is a visual artist born in Uruguay and raised in a community-run orphanage. He is the happy and proud father of two lively teens and two step-children. Both his extended and blended families infuse his creative process. His paintings tell stories, spark interesting conversations, and breathe life into spaces they adorn, including galleries, homes, offices, and cafes across the world. Presently, Matías resides in Canada where he finds inspiration in his surroundings, the people he encounters, and the places he inhabits. In May 2022, Larzabal Art Gallery opened in Toronto’s west end. This space also serves as a working studio where Matías and his daughter Ayla have the opportunity to create, collaborate and share their vision with the public.

Monica Ricardo


Monica Ricardo is a self-taught artist based in Toronto, Canada. Her artistic voice has been built based on her fascination with abstract art and the importance of representing the emotions coming from daily small victories in our lives. Her paintings have the genuine intention to evoke a feeling of happiness and joy. Her purpose is to create pieces that will give you a touch of happiness in your space. Every piece shows the magic of imperfect things.

Maria Botero


My name is María Mercedes Botero Baena, I was born in Armenia Quindío Colombia, I come from the coffee zone where we have varieties of coffee, I have primary, secondary, and university studies specializing in the management of horizontal property, I worked at the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Armenia from which I am happily retired, I am married to Julio César Rodríguez of Uruguayan Nationality, two beautiful children and an adored grandson who is the light of my eyes I have painting as a hobby and I am empirical I am a person who gives love and beautiful teachings.

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